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KENT Table Top Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner

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KENT Table Top Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner

৳ 9,000.00

Now make fruits and vegetables safe for consumption with the help of KENT Table Top Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner. The vegetable and fruits that we eat are sprayed with pesticides, insecticides, and other harmful chemicals. Rinsing them with tap water is not enough to remove the traces of chemicals, thereby exposing you to adverse effects. KENT Table Top Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner uses powerful ozone technology to sterilize the fruits and vegetables making them fit for consumption.




Product KENT Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner
Input Voltage 230V AC 50/50 Hz
Rated Power Consumption 13 Watts
Timer Options 15 mins/ 30 mins
Ozone Output 200 mg/hour
Noise Less than 45db
Output Air Pressure > = 0.15 kg/cm 2
Operating Temperature 0 – 40° C
Dimensions L260 W145 H150 (mm)
Net Weight 1723 gms


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